Quarantine is a stop-motion short film, written, directed and animated by Astrid Goldsmith. It was commissioned by the BFI and BBC4 as part of their prestigious Animation 2018 talent scheme,┬ádesigned to find and support the UK’s most exciting emerging animators. Quarantine is a post-Brexit pagan dance fantasy, about a troupe of Morris-dancing badgers on the … Continue reading Quarantine

Nike: Never Ask

Stop-motion troll: character design, fabrication and animation by Astrid Goldsmith. For the June 2018 Nike ‘Never Ask’ campaign, social films directed by Riff Raff’s Finn Keenan.    

Squirrel Island

Squirrel Island is an award-winning stop-motion animated film, made by Astrid in her garage in Folkestone over the course of eight years. A 20-minute sci fi action thriller about squirrel apartheid, Squirrel Island follows a lone renegade grey squirrel called Dot, who is trapped on a hostile and mysterious red squirrel island. Thrown together with … Continue reading Squirrel Island


Beware what you put in the sea! A stop-motion sci-fi marine revenge fantasy, Polymer is a dystopian vision of what might happen if plastic sea pollution is not controlled. Drawing on the rich traditions of Atomic Age monster movies, Polymer shows a monstrous creature of our own making, stalking the seaside town of Folkestone and … Continue reading Polymer

Imagination – Random Acts

A FIRST ACTS short animated film for Channel 4’s Random Acts strand, Imagination was directed by Screen South’s Jemima Hughes and animated by Mock Duck’s Astrid Goldsmith. A paper cut-out stop-motion animation where the protagonist visits an exhibition of Matisse-inspired paper cuts in her pink wheelchair and is transported from the reality of the dull … Continue reading Imagination – Random Acts

Duracell Bunny

Five articulated Duracell Bunny puppets, for use on the Duracell Professional website. 10 static model Bunnies, used by Duracell for promotional purposes.

Leeds Castle TV Commercial

The Many Stories of Leeds Castle is a stop motion TV commercial for Leeds Castle, produced by A+C Studios in 2014. Head Model Maker – concept development, pop-up mechanism design and paper engineering.

A Life in Print Commercial

A Life in Print is a stop motion TV commercial for local newspapers across the country, produced by A+C Studios in 2014. Head Model Maker – concept development, puppet creation, including hand-carving 45 puppet heads, various props and set-building.

Chivas Brothers Animation

Inside Every Bottle is a stop motion animated film produced by A+C Studios in November 2013, for Chivas Brothers to send out to their staff and clients for Christmas. Head Model Maker – hand-carved puppets and various pieces of whiskey-making machinery from wood