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Quarantine is a stop-motion short film, written, directed and animated by Astrid Goldsmith. It was commissioned by the BFI and BBC4 as part of their prestigious Animation 2018 talent scheme, designed to find and support the UK’s most exciting emerging animators.

Quarantine is a post-Brexit pagan dance fantasy, about a troupe of Morris-dancing badgers on the south coast of England, who are trying to avoid the animal quarantine compound which has been built above their burrow. As they try to keep their old folk traditions alive, they ignore the plight of the caged quarantine inmates. But when tragedy strikes, a young badger goes rogue, risking exile from the troupe as he forges a new forbidden friendship on the other side of the bars.

Made in just 21 weeks, Quarantine is a 13-minute puppet stop-motion film, built and filmed at Mock Duck Studios in Folkestone. It premiered on November 19th at BFI Southbank, and was broadcast on BBC4 on Sunday 2nd December. It is now available to watch on BFI Player.

Official Selection:

Atlanta Film Festival, April 2019

Edinburgh International Film Festival, June 2019

Guanajuato International Film Festival, July 2019


Quarantine Trailer from Astrid Goldsmith on Vimeo.

Nike: Never Ask

Stop-motion troll: character design, fabrication and animation by Astrid Goldsmith. For the June 2018 Nike ‘Never Ask’ campaign, social films directed by Riff Raff’s Finn Keenan.

Original clay sculpt of the troll, before clean-up and moulding
Original clay sculpt of the troll, before clean-up and moulding
Finished latex and foam puppet with plastazote keyboard



Squirrel Island

Squirrel Island is an award-winning stop-motion animated film, made by Astrid in her garage in Folkestone over the course of eight years.

Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 09.13.52

A 20-minute sci fi action thriller about squirrel apartheid, Squirrel Island follows a lone renegade grey squirrel called Dot, who is trapped on a hostile and mysterious red squirrel island. Thrown together with an unlikely partner, Dot and her new friend Mr Acorn uncover a horrifying secret red squirrel plot…can Dot and Mr Acorn survive Squirrel Island?

A puppet stop-motion film that was eight years in the making, Squirrel Island was shot on 16mm in a garage in Folkestone, using a 1969 Bolex film camera. Inspired by the complex issues surrounding invasive species and the controversial policies implemented to protect native wildlife in Britain, Squirrel Island is a sideways look at the choices we make between good and bad animals.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for post-production, the film was completed in 2016.


Best Film, Jury des enfants – Festival Cinema Jeune Public, Lausanne

Best Film, Children’s Jury – Soria International Film Festival

Achievement in Short Filmmaking – Portland Film Festival


In competition

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 2017

London Short Film Festival, 2017

Tampere Film Festival, 2017

Warsaw Film Festival, 2016

Foyle Film Festival, 2016

Aesthetica Short Film Festival, 2017

Savannah Film Festival, 2016

Norwegian Short Film Festival, 2017

Portland Film Festival, 2016

Tacoma Film Festival, 2016

Newport Beach Film Festival, 2017

Sarasota Film Festival, 2017

Beijing International Short Film Festival, 2017

Vilnius International Film Festival, 2017

Vilnius International Short Film Festival, 2018

Underexposed Film Festival, 2017

Fest Anca, 2017

Athens Animfest, 2017

Lago Film Festival, 2017

Festival de Cine de Madrid, 2017


Special Selection Screenings

Brest Short Film Festival, Opening Screening, 2017

La Guarimba Film Festival, UNICEF touring programme, 2017

LCC special selection from BISFF, 2017


You can follow the film’s news and progress on Twitter @SquirrelFilm and on Facebook


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portland-film-festival-laurels-2015-black-copy sff2016 tff_official_selection


Beware what you put in the sea!

A stop-motion sci-fi marine revenge fantasy, Polymer is a dystopian vision of what might happen if plastic sea pollution is not controlled. Drawing on the rich traditions of Atomic Age monster movies, Polymer shows a monstrous creature of our own making, stalking the seaside town of Folkestone and returning our plastics to us in the most devastating way.


Polymer (2’36”) is an animated short film made specially for the 2016 SALT Festival, a festival of the sea and environment.

In Competition:

British Shorts, Berlin 2018

Lausanne Underground Film Festival, 2017

Imagine Science Film Festival, Paris 2017

Pivotal Festival of Change, Cambridge 2016

Imagination – Random Acts

A FIRST ACTS short animated film for Channel 4’s Random Acts strand, Imagination was directed by Jemima Hughes and animated by Astrid Goldsmith.

Astrid animating Imagination on her multiplane, with Dragonframe linked to a large screen for clear visibility for Jemima

A paper cut-out stop-motion animation where the protagonist visits an exhibition of Matisse-inspired paper cuts in her pink wheelchair and is transported from the reality of the dull grey world outside into the colourful world of her imagination.

Read all about Jemima’s unique and fascinating process, and her experience as a deaf and disabled filmmaker:

In Competition/Special Screenings:

Encounters, 2017

Palm Springs International Animation Festival, 2017

Cardiff International Film Festival, 2017

ICA Playback Festival, 2018

Together! Disability Film Festival, 2017

CineSister, 2017

Canterbury Anifest, 2017

Anima Syros, 2017

Clin d’Oeil, 2017


Duracell Bunny


Five articulated Duracell Bunny puppets, for use on the Duracell Professional website. These 2-foot posable Bunnies were sculpted, moulded and then fabricated by Astrid from start to finish, including each Bunny’s bespoke costume and props.

A Bunny head with flight helmet, before decals were applied

In addition to the 2-foot Bunnies, Astrid was commissioned to make 10 static model Bunnies, used by Duracell for promotional purposes. The hand-painted resin casts were around 30cm tall:

Construction Bunny under construction
Bunny with tools after painting
Four of the finished Bunnies hanging out in the kitchen

Ford Fiesta Print Advert

Print Advert for Ford Fiesta, designed by illustrator Al Murphy (Blink).

Astrid translated Al’s 2D drawing of the Alaphant (a pink cyclops elephant) into a 3-dimensional creature, fabricating the 60cm model out of pink felt:

The finished pink felt Alaphant
The Alaphant in situ for the print advert


Al Murphys original design for the Alaphant

Leeds Castle TV Commercial

The Many Stories of Leeds Castle is a stop motion TV commercial for Leeds Castle, produced by A+C Studios in 2014.

Astrid was Head Model Maker on this advert, a role which included concept development for the book, pop-up mechanism design, paper engineering and fabrication.

A Life in Print Commercial

A Life in Print is a stop motion TV commercial for local newspapers across the country, produced by A+C Studios in 2014.

Astrid was Head Model Maker for this commercial, a role which involved concept development; puppet creation, including hand-carving 45 puppet heads; making various props and set-building. Astrid was also running the Model Making Department, supervising and coordinating a team of 12 artists, painters and fabricators.

Chivas Brothers Animation

Inside Every Bottle is a stop motion animated film produced by A+C Studios in November 2013, for Chivas Brothers to send out to their staff and clients for Christmas.

Astrid was Head Model Maker for this film, a role which involved concept development; making hand-carved puppets and various pieces of whiskey-making machinery from wood; and running the Model Making department, supervising a team of 12 fabricators and painters.